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Tens Units

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Improve Your  Quality of Life By Reducing Your Chronic Pain Dramatically With Our TENS Units

Medical Products Online provides its customers with the highest quality TENS Units available anywhere. Our Tens Units are built to meet the exacting demands of health care offices, and their ease of use also makes them suitable for home use. Our customer support team is dedicated to assisting you with your purchase. Just call or join an Online Chat with our technical support and customer service experts.

Not all TENS Units are created equal, Medical Products Online has a unique series of TENS Units, each designed and manufactured exclusively for Medical Products Online! The MPO5000 is a powerful dedicated TENS Unit for excellent pain reduction. The MPO5500 is a dedicated Muscle Stimulation Unit designed for muscle spasm reduction and muscle re-education on the spot. The MPO6000 is a fantastic Combination Unit, with both TENS and Muscle Stimulator, all in one Unit! The MPO2800, MPO3000 and MPO7000 are all excellent choices that share many similar desirable features, yet each with its own feel. Other specialty TENS Units that we offer are designed with other great pain reduction features like Interferential and Microcurrent electrostimulation. Our technical support and customer service team is waiting to assist you with your purchase of a quality, pain relieving TENS Unit.