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  • We received our ultrasound and have been using it nearly every day since. We purchased it to see if we could relieve pains and help us to get moving. We are pleased with the results. When we don't have pain with every step, it is easier to get out and get the exercise that will help with overall health. Thank you! - Gene R.

  • Easy to Order and arrived very quick. - Patricia M.

  • I’ve done business with company twice; first to buy the TENS unit then to buy a replacement cable. The price is great as is the product. It does what they claim and a bit more. I bought it to work my muscles but when my back became injured, I also used it for pain suppression. I was in no hurry to get the product but when it arrived in two days, it was nice. I recommend this company. - Mark H.

  • Seller was great; I will be using them again!!! - Ed H.

  • This is a great product. It helps with the pain. Price was excellent. Did research on it, can’t beat the price. My physical therapist thought it was great and took down the website to be able to recommend to other patients. - Charlotte L.

  • I would definitely use this merchant again. - Melody W.

  • The basic TENS unit I ordered from Medical Products Online is, I think, exactly like the one a physiotherapist used for the back and neck pain I had after a car accident. It really eliminated all the pain! I am now using my own unit for pain in my feet and legs from all the walking I have to do (no transportation options). Within a week of use at less than half the power output, I am glad to say it's working like a magic charm! - Mary L.

  • Medical Products Online is a great website with plenty of options to choose from. Adequate info is provided for all of their medical devices along with reviews from current users. Delivery was efficient. Prices are remarkable. I have already recommended this website to friends and co-workers. - Sharon G.

  • The customer service agents are very helpful, and knowledgeable about the units. I strongly recommend them to all my friends. - Marvelas E.

  • Shipping was fast and I'm also able to contact them about using the ultrasound I purchased. - Gloria B.

  • Total shopping experience great and outstanding customer service. Product delivered as promised. Will be doing future business and recommend them highly for quality products and exceptional customer service. - Raymond S.

  • They are perfect, exactly what I needed. - Lori S.

  • I purchased the MPO 5000 to replace a rental unit from another company. The MPO 5000 was much better quality. It came in a well protected storage case instead of a soft pouch that the overpriced rental unit came it. The rental unit cost was over 4 times more for each month than the MPO 5000 I purchased. I GRADE THIS UNIT EXCELLENT IN EVERY WAY. - K.C.H.

  • Everything is fine in every aspect of the transaction. I needed information about the use of the product and I received it and I received excellent service after sale. - Paul P.

  • Thank you so much for your promptness!! - Tina B.

  • Excellent service. Fast shipment. Product was what I was hunting for at a great price. - Charles M.

  • Excellent price for what turned out to be quality products. The order arrived in 2 days. They exceeded my expectations and I'll order from them again. - Stephen D.

  • Absolutely perfect transaction! I'm amazed at their service and speed of delivery. And best of all, the prices were among the best. A big shout out to Dolores (I hope I got her name right) she really took great care of me. I will be back! P.S. When I read back through this post, I sound like an employee but can assure all that this is an unbiased representation of a very satisfied customer who has shopped with them twice. - Jay P.

  • Easy ordering, fast shipping and delivery. I will order from this merchant again. - Christopher M.

  • I didn't have any surprises. This merchant did exactly what they promised to do and you can't ask for more than that. I will use them again. - Chris B.

  • It came much sooner than I expected!! I'm a happy camper!! Love the unit!! - Donald W.

  • Delivery, customer service, ease of ordering, products and equipment were everything I hoped for and more. Excellent turnaround time, and equipment was perfect. I would highly recommend this company to everyone. - Cathy L.

  • The item which I ordered has worked for me tremendously. It helps with my back pain and I have recommended it to others. - Celestine V.

  • The item which I ordered has worked for me tremendously. It helps with my back pain and I have recommended it to others. - Celestine V.

  • Just what I needed! - Al T.

  • This is a great value for a quality product. I have used this unit daily since I received it and it has performed flawlessly. Ease of set up was apparent and by reading the instructions, this unit can be ready for use in minutes. - Gary C.

  • Fastest shipping I have ever seen! T.E.N.S. unit is Very High Quality. I have paid for many hours at my doctor’s office, now I have many hours pain free. Thanks MPO! - Tammy T.

  • Very pleased with my shopping experience with Medical Products Online. I will recommend this website to all my friends needing this type of product. - John D.

  • I was very satisfied that the stim pads are above the rest that I have used in the past. Talk about being sticky wow they are the best ever! Time for delivery was great and on time as I ordered them for standard shipping. I would order from Medical Products Online again. - Robert C.

  • They use a TENS unit at physical therapy, so the only relief from the pain in my neck, trapezoids was 4 hours a week at PT when they would turn on the TENS!! My Physical therapist told me I could go online and buy one for home use. I immediately got on line and searched TENS units. There were quite a few to choose from. I settled on a unit and before I knew it it was at my door. It did not take me long before I found my favorite setting, when my pain level is a 9 I turn it up a hair, when my TENS unit brings the pain level down to a 4 I can turn it down. I wear it all day, every day! My TENS works better on my pain than any prescription pain killer. I'm wearing it now. One more thing, the company, they are so ready to help. At a point I thought there was something wrong with my TENS, they were ready to send me a new one, immediately, no questions....then I realized I just needed a new battery. I love my TENS and I love the company! - Michelle B.

  • A+ excellent service. - Armando D.

  • Product was exactly as specified, price was good, and shipping and delivery were ahead of schedule. Very good merchant. - Brian L.

  • I bought this product for my wife and it is great. It performs as advertised. It is light weight and produces a wide range of stimulation to the affected area to provide almost instant relief for tense back muscle spasms. I ordered it on a Sunday and as promised, it was delivered two days later and shipping was free. - Robert J.

  • Very fast service and the product is exactly what I ordered. - Rose M.

  • My physical therapist reviewed the specifications for this TENS unit. The transaction was easy and it was delivered quickly after purchase. The TENS unit works as it should. I'm happy with my purchase. - Terry V.
  • I have never purchased online before; my products arrived with excellent quality in a matter of days. Medical products that were always a challenge to find were delivered to my door! - Lynn S.

  • I'm in the medical field and this was money well spent. I had a strained muscle in my left should. After using the unit 2 times a day, I already can feel the difference. I would recommend this product for everyone. - Terry S.

  • I didn't have to use Customer Service but I feel it would have also been excellent. Site is very easy to use and find what you need, couldn't believe how quickly the merchandise arrived and I used the least expensive mode to save money! The prices were very reasonable for the things that I ordered also. I'll definitely shop again in the future. - Joyce C.

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Return Policy

Return Policy

Please choose your products carefully. Not all products may be returned. Please see the list below for items not eligible for return unless they are defective.

Our Return Policy is applicable to products returned within 30 days of sale that are returned in accordance with our published return policy below. NO RETURNS ARE ACCEPTED AFTER 30 DAYS OF SALE. The 30 day return policy does not apply to defective products which are honored in accordance with our warranty and return procedure below.

Restocking Fee

A restock fee is applicable to products eligible for return as follows:

If the item is brand new, we allow returns for a small 20% restock fee for items that you return to us to cover the cost of handling, inspection, recertification and restocking.

The 20% restocking fee applies, and shipping cost is non-refundable, on non-damaged items that are returned up to 30 days from date of purchase for return eligible products.

Defective Items

Defective items will be replaced during the warranty period at no charge as long as the defect is not due to user neglect, misuse of the product, or operation of the product outside of the operating instructions. Please contact us so that we can troubleshoot and replace a defective product if necessary. A return authorization is required if your item needs to be returned because of defect.

Products not Eligible for Return

Certain products are not eligible for return or refund because of health reasons. This is because these products come in contact with the skin, and can only be utilized with the original user. The following items are considered consumable, non-returnable products:

• Downloaded Products
• Skincare Products (Gel's or Lotions)
• DPL Light Therapy Products
• Orthopedic Products (Braces and Garments)
• Hot & Cold Therapy Products (Southwest, Hot/Cold Packs, Thermedics)
• Conductive Garment of Any Kind
• TENS Electrodes/Pads
• Ultrasound Units
• Clinical Electrotherapy Devices (Quattro, ComboCare and SoundCare Plus)
• NuVita Beauty Products
• Lead wires
• Batteries and battery chargers
• Pillows
• Cushions
• CPAP masks
• Nebulizer masks and mouthpieces
• Nebulizer units

Return Procedures

We require a return authorization for several reasons:

1) When you request a return authorization, we can usually troubleshoot and resolve any problems without you ever needing to return the product.
2) We give you a code to put on your package so that we can identify it when it comes in. Without a return authorization code, a returned package will be refused.
3) We provide you with the proper address to send your package to. This is a special address so that return items may be processed quickly.

(We suggest that a tracking number be obtained when returning an item.)

If you would like to return a product within 30 days of purchase, please submit an email to to obtain a return authorization. Please include the following information in your request for a Return Authorization:

• Your order number and your information
• The item you would like to return
• The reason for the return

We will respond within 3 business days, and if eligible for return, we will include a Return Authorization Number and return instructions. In order to be eligible for a refund (less the 20% restocking fee), you must return your product as follows:

• The return item with all original packaging, accessories, manuals, etc.
• Unopened and unused electrodes (if electrodes are used, you will be charged an additional fee for the used electrodes in addition to the 20% restocking fee).
• The original order information
• Please include the Return Authorization Number

THE RETURN AUTHORIZATION CODE MUST BE CLEARLY DISPLAYED ON OUTSIDE OF PACKAGE. If there is no code on the returned product we will refuse the package.

Return Shipping Fees


Refunds and Financial Adjustments

Refunds for canceled orders and order adjustments are processed within one business day. Refunds for returns and warranty claims are processed upon inspection of the returned item. All returned items are inspected within one business day after receipt. If there is any discrepancy in a returned items we will contact you immediately by email. Refunds are processed to your credit card or PayPal account, and are posted to your account in accordance with the terms and conditions of your financial institution.

Undelivered Packages

If a package is delivered to an incorrect address, or lost, due to an insufficient or incorrect address used by the customer, a refund or replacement will not be issued. If a package is refused or unclaimed by the customer, and it is returned to us, a 20% restocking fee will apply and customer will be responsible for all shipping charges. If it is not returned to us, no refund will be issued.