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MPO US Pro 2000™ Ultrasound Unit

MPO US Pro 2000™ Ultrasound UnitMPO US Pro 2000™ Ultrasound Unit
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Ultrasound Gel:
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Brief Overview

  • Medical Products Online – US Pro 2000 Professional Ultrasound System
  • Ultrasound Conductive Gel
  • Auto Shut-Off Timer - Timer Settings: Adjustable, 5 min, 10 min, 15 min
  • AC Adapter
  • Hard Carrying Case
  • Instruction Manual
  • 2 year warranty
Medical Products Online US Pro 2000 is our most powerful and deeply penetrating Ultrasound unit that we sell. This home ultrasound unit is as close to what the professionals use as possible and yet even safer than most other models! Therapeutic Ultrasound is an excellent way to reduce deep and painful inflammation, joint restriction and swelling. Unlike electrical modalities, Ultrasound uses deeply penetrating and soothing sound waves that cause gentle microscopic vibration to loosen scarred and tangled muscle, tendon and ligament fibers.


Professionals Often Use Ultrasounds to Treat the Following:

• Reduce Pain

• Increase Painless Range of Motion in Many Types Of Joints

• Post-Injury, Post Surgery

• Muscle and Joint Inflammation

• Tissue Swelling

• Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

• Tennis Elbow

• Tendonitis

• Bursitis

• Frozen Shoulder

• Arthritis

• Reduce Scar Tissue

• Sciatica

• Low Back Pain

• Neck Pain

How Does Ultrasound Work?

The Medical Products Online US Pro 2000 is an Ultrasound device that generates high frequency sound waves (1MHz). These sound waves are applied and transferred from the skin surface of the area being treated in Pulsed mode by a Sound Head. The Sound Head is moved across the surface in a circular pattern thereby allowing the sound waves to travel into the tissues below. Sound waves cause virtually unperceivable vibration, helping the tissues to relax and untangle. Circulation is also enhanced through the process known as ‘vasodilation’, and removal of cellular toxins is enhanced which enhances healing, reduces swelling, restriction and pain.


Treatment duration is determined by the medical practitioner and may range from 2 to 5 minutes depending on the conditions treated and anatomic target site. Because air is a very poor sound conductor Ultrasound gels are used to conduct the wave energy to the skin.


1. Connect power wire to wire socket.

2. Connect AC adaptor to power.

3. Apply sufficient gel to skin at target area.

4. Switch on the power of your portable ultrasound machine. The default modulate duty cycle is 30%, indicator light of “L” level is on; When the default working time becomes 0, the indicator light is off.

5. Press the MODE button, Modulate duty cycle is adjustable (30%,40%, 50%).

6. Press the TIME button and set the working time. The time indictor light is on, and the device starts working.

7. Place the treatment head on the skin and move it slowly over the target area in a circular motion or in linear strokes at a rate of about 1 inch per second. DO NOT stop moving treatment head while in use.

8. Use special care on bony prominence's to avoid discomfort.

9. The power automatically turns off after the timer runs out or, if desired, the power can be turned off sooner by pushing the ON/OFF switch to OFF.

10. After using the Medical Products Online US Pro 2000 - Professional Home Ultrasound System, clean skin with water to remove gel.

11. Wipe excess gel off the treatment head with a damp cloth. Disinfect treatment head with antiseptic wipe. Do not immerse treatment head in water or solvent.

12. When power shuts off, leave unit off for 30 minutes before restarting unit.

13. After every treatment with the Ultrasound machine, disconnect AC adaptor from power source.

14. Do not impact the treatment head or drop ultrasound therapy equipment treatment head on the floor.


The Medical Products Online US Pro 2000 Portable Ultrasound Machine should not be used for the treatment of malignancies nor in the region with malignant tumors.

• Do not use on people with poor arterial circulation.

• Do not use over area with bleeding or infections.

• Do not use over the eyes.

• Do not use on someone who is pregnant.

• Do no use for patients with demand type cardiac pacemakers.

• Do not use over the carotid sinus nerves or arteries and laryngeal or pharyngeal muscles.

DO'S and DON'TS when using Pulse Ultrasound Therapy Equipment


• Do follow instructions of a licensed practitioner.

• Do keep the treatment head clean.

• lnform your clinician if you have any problems or questions regarding the Ultrasound.

• Do clean cables with water and mild soap. Do not use rubbing alcohol or any other solvent.


• Do not damage your Portable Ultrasound by bumping, dropping, or rough use

• Do not immerse Portable Ultrasound in water or other solvents.

• Do not pull or kink cables.

• Do not store below 32°F (0°C) or over 122°F (50°C).

What is Therapeutic Ultrasound?

Therapeutic Ultrasound is a method of stimulating tissue beneath the skin's surface using sound waves. It is a very high frequency massage that can penetrate up to 5" below the surface of your skin.

The sound waves are of a very high frequency, typically between 800,000Hz and 2,000,000Hz. The sound cannot be heard by humans or animals. Humans can only hear sounds up to about 20,000Hz. This very high frequency sound affects very small molecules though like medicines and cells in your body and actually causes them to move.


How ultrasound energy is transferred into the body is a function of many factors. The frequency of the ultrasound waves is actually opposite to how deep they will penetrate the body. A 1MHz ultrasound will penetrate about 4" below the skin whereas a 2MHz ultrasound unit will only penetrate about 2".

While a low frequency means deeper penetration, using too low a frequency will mean that the waves are too wide to properly move the molecules. The frequency also has a significant impact on the phonophoretic properties of the ultrasound. Ultrasound Device is specially tuned to a frequency that maximizes nutrient penetration, energy transfer and phonophoresis.

Intensity Power output is another significant factor to consider when using a home ultrasound machine. It is measured in watts per square centimeter. The higher the power, the more energy is transferred into the body. If too high a power output is used and an ultrasound unit is left sitting still on the body, it is possible to burn the tissue beneath the skin.

While several professional home ultrasound therapy machines are capable of these high powers, your medical practitioner will typically use a low power setting. More power is not necessarily better. Practitioners usually use a higher power to speed up treatment though it is actually more effective to use a lower power setting for a longer period of time.


The power output rating of a portable ultrasound machine is often broken down into two separate units, peak intensity and average intensity. Peak intensity can be thought of as how tall the waves are that are being sent into your body. The waves need to be large enough to affect the tissue and provide the desired massage effect. At the same time, your body tissue needs breaks between groups of waves to cool down.

Ultrasound machines actually send the waves in groups giving your body a vibrate-rest-vibrate-rest effect. The average intensity is a measure of how much energy is transferred over a period vibrate-rest cycles.

Often Ultrasound therapy equipment provides a Total Power Output rating. High power units are typically used with large applicator heads to do larger parts of the body. The important measurement part of ultrasound is the watts per square centimeter mentioned above, not the total unit power.

Again, it is more effective to treat the affected area more frequently and for longer periods with lower power, which is why a Portable Ultrasound Machine is an excellent device to carry with you.


Wave form refers to the shape of signal generating the ultrasound wave. Common wave forms are saw-tooth, square wave, and sinusoidal. The wave form impacts the frequency, intensity, and power of a unit as discussed above altering the effectiveness of the ultrasound treatment. Correct wave form is also very important for phonophoresis as the ultrasound waves drive the medication through the tissue.


When applied directly to the skin, an ultrasound head cannot effectively transfer the sound waves into the body. To make it work properly, a conductive medium is required -ultrasound gel. The gel simply makes it possible for the sound waves to travel from the unit head into your body. Ultrasound without gel is ineffective and can damage the ultrasound machine.

• Output Frequency: 1.0 MHz
• Duty Cycle: Low 30%, Medium 40%, High 50%
• Output Intensity: Low 2.88W, Med 3.84W, High 4.80W
• Output Mode: Pulse
• Maximum Effective Sound Intensity: 2.4W/Cm2 (100% Duty Cycle)
• Temporal Maximum Power: 9,6W
• Timer Settings: 5min, 10min, 15min
• AC Adapter (DC 15V/ 100- 240V / 1200mA)
• Dimensions: 64mm (L) X 50mm (W) X 26.5mm (H)
• Weight: 120g
• Effective Treatment Head Area: 4.0 Cm2

Customer Product Reviews Add a product review

Average rating is 4.9
  John L. Poplawski
I suffered with planatar facitis for months,hoping it would go away. I read about ultrasound as a as a fix. After review this product I decided it was worth a try with its SATISFACTION GUARANTEE! First time I used it on my heel (20 minutes) I stood up and stretched my leg the shooting pain was gone! (first time in months! THIS DAMN THING IS AMAZING! My wife used it on her arm for tennis elbow and told me it greatly reduced her pain. You hold the device on the area and you don’t feel a thing,you don’t think it’s working,was I wrong!
  S. Law
The first day I used the ultrasound I had great improvement. My neck and shoulder muscle become softer,tension gone about 75%. If you want to reduce your pain,the buck stops here! Medical Products Online provides great product information; the customer support answered all of my questions. I highly recommend the product and the company behind it for best pain relief therapy!
  Pain Control Centers of America
As a chiropractor operating a new rehab facility,my objective is to be a leader in the health care industry by providing patient-focused medical care which is second to none. In my quest to locate quality medical equipment to best serve patient needs it was imperative that each piece of equipment meet the highest standards in clinical effectiveness & patient safety. From superior customer service,to fantastic selection and quality merchandise. After using this ultrasound for a day it has far exceeds my expectations. The three power levels and power of this unit will provide the treatment my patients need to recover. Professional speaking I highly recommend this product. As for the service and support Medical Products Online stood in a class of its own. My experience with this company has been exceptional. The salespeople were extremely knowledgeable and the clinical efficiencies of innovative products have met my high expectations.
  Terry Wolcott
I bought this unit for my daughter’s chronic tendonitis in ankle region. I have since used on planatar facitis and stiff necks. This unit is very easy to use and effective. Very pleased with results.
  Kevin Osmond
In the Spring I had 12 sessions of physio dealing with chronic pain which helped greatly. With my pain returning I decided to purchase 2 devices to provide me with some form of pain relief,they are the ultrasound and the TENS and the pain is once again starting to subside. Thanks for a super product,fast,efficient service and quick shipping.
  Steve Emerman
Vancouver,BC Canada
I am very satisfied. It has greatly helped my shoulder muscle pain.
  Kevin Osmond
The Ultrasound System and TENS Unit are already making a major difference in my life.
Bowling Green,Ohio
I had been going to physical therapy sessions to "untie" the painful knots in my back muscles. There,they used an ultrasound unit along with some exercises to bring me some relief,but six months later the knots and pain returned. I wasn’t keen on spending hundreds of dollars and hours of time driving around to appointments so I bought one of these ultrasound units for myself. I’m very happy with my ultrasound and I like the freedom of using it when and where I chose. For me,it works best on a medium setting for about 30 minutes.
  barbara e. brandt
sunset beach nc
I found the professional ultrasound to be very helpful in relieving pain and stiffness after rotator cuff surgery. Using it before physical therapy loosens the neck and shoulder muscles.
  S. Leiden
I will have to give this product 5+ stars,as I have had ultrasound done at a therapy clinic in the past and this unit is as good or better. I use the unit on my heel spurs in a circular motion 8 - 10 mins. twice a day and what a difference! With the high cost of therapy these days,this unit has already paid for itself in the first week. I would highly recommend ultrasound therapy for anyone suffering from heel spurs and I would order from this company as I was shocked to have delivery the very next day in Canada!! Beleive it,I have never had anything shipped so fast in my life! They will continue to have my business in the future. Thank you Medical Products Online.
  Ian Torrey
Sausalito California
A great product,I am very happy with this purchase.
  Christopher E. Mcknight
After receiving the ultrasound with faulty power supply and calling the company,I was assured I would receive a new power adapter. When no adapter came or email after one four days I gave bad review. I should have called company first because 1 day later new power supply arrived and unit works perfectly. The company also called to see if unit arrived and wanted to know if it worked properly. I was given good advice on how to use the Ultrasound and a TENS unit. I would recommend this product and their products. I also purchased the MPO-9000 TENS Unit it was delivered in 3 days. Both these products are working great after almost two months of use. I can state my joint pain has be reduced to the point I can do everyday tasks not to mention the many dollars I saved not going to the PT. P.S. My free gift was the PT program which with the products I purchased allowed me to save a lot of money,time and pain!
  Carolann M.
This merchant did not disappoint me in any respect. The Ultrasound unit itself is well worth the money and performs to the fullest. My order was placed without incident and the package arrived within 3 days of my order placement. Great service,great product.
  John F. Scott
I purchased this product to help alleviate pain associated with lumbar stenosis. It helps! I used it in conjunction with a TENS unit,heat and an inversion table. When it arrived last week,the AC adaptor went on the blink after just one juse - apparently a problem for other customers. But this company had another adapter shipped rather quickly. In fact,I received two replacement adapters! Overall,I rate the experience with Medical Products Online and this ultrasound as excellent
  A. Michael
Had severe hip bursitis. Major problems trying to sleep. Had walked an hour a day or more for the last 25 years. Couldn’t walk for more than 10 minutes. Tried two cortizone shots with only temporary relief from the first. None from the second. Purchased the unit and after two ten-minute sessions on consecutive days the pain was virtually gone. Had some residual tendonitis which disappeared after 3 more treatments. Back to walking as much as I like. Amazing. Never written a review before but had to on this one.
  Suzanna Siles
E. Lansing,Michigan
I purchase the ultrasound unit to alleviate pain associated with hip pulled tendons and muscles pain. After just a couple of sessions of 10 minutes each I feel that the pain is going away. I am able to move more quickly and I feel more active now. I think that after a month of treatment my body is going to be back to normal. Thank you for the good product.
  K Walters
Vancouver Canada
This device works great on my degenerative joint disease in my upper neck and so affordable
  Ms.N Thompson
Got this device and did not know that it would work in UK,did not know that it will take away my back muscle stretch pain within two days,usually lasted two months.Bargain!! Thank you!!