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MPO-6200 Elite Digital EMS Unit

MPO-6200 Elite Digital EMS UnitMPO-6200 Elite Digital EMS UnitMPO-6200 Elite Digital EMS Unit
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Extra 2x2 Premium Pads:
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Brief Overview

  • Medical Products Online - Elite Digital EMS System
  • AC Power Supply and 9-volt Battery
  • Hard Plastic Case
  • Two lead wires
  • Four 2"x2" Square Cloth Premium Electrodes
  • Metal Belt Clip
  • Instruction Manual - Click here to download
  • 2 year warranty
There has never been a more powerful, effective and versatile portable Muscle Stimulator than The MPO 6200 Elite Digital Muscle Stimulator System.

Medical Products Online is excited to offer to patients and professional offices including orthopedic, chiropractic, physical therapy and pain management offices, the very best, high quality Muscle Stimulation unit available today. Muscle Stimulation has long been one of the most difficult electrotherapy to provide until now. The stable Digital Programs offered by the MPO 6200 Elite Digital Muscle Stimulation Device have been proven effective in the Real World of Pain Management and Muscle Rehabilitation. Whether the problem is Shoulder Rehabilitation, Hip Muscle Weakness, Post-Surgical Rehabilitation, Low Back Muscle Spasm, Whiplash Recovery, or other condition, the MPO 6200 will surpass any other EMS unit in its class. These muscle stimulation devices are requested by more Orthopedic Surgeons for use on their patients by name than any other.



• High power Digital EMS Unit – 100mA Strength

• Digital controls allow 100 steps of function and intensity control.

• Powered by either a 9V battery or the included AC adaptor

• Power saving automatic turn-off feature if unit is not in use for 5 minutes.

This fully Digital MPO 6200 EMS System has 3 Standard Modes of Operation available including Synchronous, Alternate and Continuous. This device boasts a powerful 100 mA output strength with 99 steps of intensity control. This dual power device can be powered by both a 9 volt battery or an AC adapter which is included. The large LCD screen and user friendly buttons include a pause function, which make reposition intact electrodes so simple when treating multiple areas sequentially. The device also has power saving features, which turn off the device in five minutes when not in use. The fact that this device is digital makes it very effective and reliable for years and years.
• Channel: Dual, isolated between channels
• Pulse Amplitude: Adjustable, 0-110 mA peak into 500 ohm load each channel.
• Wave Form: Asymmetrical Bi-Phasic Square Pulse
• Voltage: 0 to 55V (Load: 500 ohm)
• Power source: One 9 Volt Battery and AC Power Supply
• Size: 11.8cm(L) x 6 cm(W) x 3.1cm(H)
• Weight: 157 grams with battery.
• Pulse Rate: Adjustable, from 2 to 150 Hz, 1 Hz/step
• Pulse Width : Adjustable, from 50 to 300 microseconds, 10 μs/step
• On Time: Adjustable, 2~90 seconds , 1 Sec./ step
• Off Time: Adjustable, 2~90 seconds , 1 Sec./ step
• Ramp Time: Adjustable, 1~8 seconds, 1 Sec./ step
• Mode: Three EMS Modes:C(Constant), S (Synchronous), A(Alternate)
• Constant Mode(C): The pulse rate and pulse width are adjustable. It generates continuous stimulation is delivered .
• Synchronous Mode(S): Output from both channels occurs synchronously. The "ON" time includes "Ramp Up" and "Ramp Down" time. Therefore, the setting of ON Time should be no less than two times of the "Ramp" time in this mode.
• Alternate Mode(A): The stimulation of the CH2 will occur after Mode(A) the 1st contraction of CH1 is completed. In this mode, the setting of ON Time should be no less than two times of the "Ramp" time. The OFF Time should be equal to or greater than the ON Time.
• Timer: Adjustable, from 5 to 60 minutes minutes and continue(C), 5 minutes each step.
• Patient Compliance Meter: This unit can store 60 sets of operation records. Total recorded time is 999 hours.
• Low Battery Indicator: A low battery indicator will show up when the battery is low.
• Operating Condition: Temperature:0℃~40℃
• Relative Humidity: 30%~75%
• Atmosphere Pressure : 700Hpa~1060Hpa

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