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MPO-5500 Professional Physical Therapy Muscle Stimulator

MPO-5500 Professional Physical Therapy Muscle StimulatorMPO-5500 Professional Physical Therapy Muscle StimulatorMPO-5500 Professional Physical Therapy Muscle StimulatorMPO-5500 Professional Physical Therapy Muscle Stimulator
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Extra 2x2 Premium Pads:
TENS Electrode Prep Spray:
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Brief Overview

  • Medical Products Online - Ultra Digital Muscle Stimulator System
  • Cap & Door Protect Accidental Setting Changes
  • Timer
  • Patient Compliance Meter
  • Hard Plastic Case
  • 9-volt alkaline battery
  • Two lead wires
  • Metal Belt Clip
  • Four 2"x2" Square Cloth Silver Connector Multistick - Non-irritating Electrodes
  • Instruction Manual - Click here to download
  • 2 year warranty
The MPO 5500 Professional Physical Therapy Muscle Stimulator is Our Most Advanced & Powerful Muscle Stimulator Unit

The Medical Products Online 5500 Muscle Stimulator System is compact and powerful muscle stimulator designed for athletes and physical trainers to treat muscle injuries and muscle dysfunction where ever you are, even right on the field! Muscle Spasm, Fatigued Muscles and Muscle Re-education, capable of affecting all this and more. How, you ask, microelectronic technology we answer. When you need a portable or home therapeutic professional muscle stimulation device, The Medical Products Online 5500 Muscle Stimulator unit can do the job. When a Professional calls this Muscle Stimulator a necessary tool on the field or in the office, you know it must be great.


The MPO 5500 works and feels great! This unit has a great track record and has become one of our most sought after muscle stimulators by patients and professionals alike. Dependability and power output make the Medical Products Online 5500 a no-brainer when Muscle stimulation is what you need.

The MPO 5500 is a dual channel Digital Muscle Stimulator System with three modes of operation. It is a battery operated Muscle Stimulator Unit that sends electrical impulses to the body to reach the nerves and motor units that control the muscles in relaxation and contraction phases. By controlling these phases with the device, the unit soothes muscles and causes them to contract rhythmically like putting a baby to sleep!

When the baby needs training, repetition is the answer. This device will keep on calling on the muscle fibers to all contract and relax together and reduce the chaos that is often present when muscles are in spasm and erratic.

The device is provided with two controllable output channels, each independent of each other. An electrode pair is connected to each output channel to transmit the electrical impulses to the area of pain.

Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) is an internationally accepted and proven way of treating muscle injuries. It works by sending electronic pulses to the muscle needing treatment. The pulses cause the muscle to exercise passively.

EMS uses a square wave pattern to work directly on the muscle motor neurons. The use of a low frequency in conjunction with the square wave pattern allows direct work on the muscle groupings. EMS has been widely used for the treatment of muscular injuries and for the re-education of muscles, to prevent atrophy in affected muscles, and to improve muscle tone and blood circulation.

The EMS sends comfortable impulses through the skin to stimulate the nerves in the treatment area. When the muscle receives this signal it contracts as if the brain had sent the signal. As the signal strength increases, the muscle flexes as in physical exercise. Then, when the pulse stops, the muscle relaxes and the cycle starts over again. The cycle of stimulation, contraction and relaxation is the power of the EMS.

This muscle stimulator device can be worn all day or on an as needed basis. Device features include adjustable pulse rate, pulse width, and amplitude (intensity). Placements of electrodes are generally in line with muscle fibers and at the origin and insertion (beginning and end) of the muscles.

You should discuss your treatment with your physician or therapist to achieve the greatest results.


• Dual, isolated channels

• Patient Compliance Meter

• 3 modes

• Adjustable pulse amplitude

• Safety Cap & Door Protect

• Timer

• Rubber Side Railing for Maximum Handling

• Sturdy Metal Belt Clip

Three Mode Operation

• Conventional

• Modulation

• Alternate


• 30, or 60 minute treatment periods or continuous.

• Adjustable pulse intensity, rate and width.
Technical Specifications

• Channels: Dual, isolated between channels.

• Timer

• 100ma output

• Wave Form: Modified square wave with zero net (DC) component.

Three Mode Operation
• Conventional
• Modulation
• Alternate

• Modulation Mode: Pulse width is automatically varied in a cyclic pattern over an interval of nominally 4.0 seconds.

• Power Source: 9 volt alkaline or rechargeable battery.

• Battery Life: 70 hours average usage (alkaline) Size: 24 x 64 x 95mm Weight: 130 grams (including battery)

Customer Product Reviews Add a product review

Average rating is 5
  Mike Horn
New York,New York
This product is the best device I have purchased for dealing with my chronic back pain! Thank you medical products.
  Willy Handson
While I am not expecting a cure I lived in pain every day of my life. I bought a Medical Products Online - Ultra Digital Muscle Stimulator. The purchase process was so easy no hassle,with the lowest price I could find on the internet. Thank you Medical Products Online in helping me get back to almost a normal life.
  Joseph Nobel
Your Muscle Stimulator does exactly what is advertised no surprises.
  Bruce Miller
Fair Oaks,CA
Your Ultra Digital Muscle Stimulator System is packed with incredible power (be VERY careful and conservative with output level dials turning)for those who know how to use an EMS properly,this model delivers far beyond its cost and is best-in-class!
  Laura Hyzny
I bought this for my husband after he hurt his knee. When he has back or knee pain,he can just hook it up. Thank you so much!!
  Janice Brock
Alvarado TX
I love my new TENS machine. I was involved in a rear-end collisions and have chronic pain issues with my neck and back. This unit address my pain! Highly recommend!
  Greg Anderson
Great product,well built,solid engineering,powerful for deep muscle work. Does exactly what it advertises and the value for the price is outstanding.
  Paul Leclair
Bowmanville ON L1C 4P2
Only good thing can be said,was looking for that unit to address my chronic pain and finally found it at a good price. This unit exceed my expeditions in providing excellent pain relief. I am very happy. thanks