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  • We received our ultrasound and have been using it nearly every day since. We purchased it to see if we could relieve pains and help us to get moving. We are pleased with the results. When we don't have pain with every step, it is easier to get out and get the exercise that will help with overall health. Thank you! - Gene R.

  • Easy to Order and arrived very quick. - Patricia M.

  • Ive done business with company twice; first to buy the TENS unit then to buy a replacement cable. The price is great as is the product. It does what they claim and a bit more. I bought it to work my muscles but when my back became injured, I also used it for pain suppression. I was in no hurry to get the product but when it arrived in two days, it was nice. I recommend this company. - Mark H.

  • Seller was great; I will be using them again!!! - Ed H.

  • This is a great product. It helps with the pain. Price was excellent. Did research on it, cant beat the price. My physical therapist thought it was great and took down the website to be able to recommend to other patients. - Charlotte L.

  • I would definitely use this merchant again. - Melody W.

  • The basic TENS unit I ordered from Medical Products Online is, I think, exactly like the one a physiotherapist used for the back and neck pain I had after a car accident. It really eliminated all the pain! I am now using my own unit for pain in my feet and legs from all the walking I have to do (no transportation options). Within a week of use at less than half the power output, I am glad to say it's working like a magic charm! - Mary L.

  • Medical Products Online is a great website with plenty of options to choose from. Adequate info is provided for all of their medical devices along with reviews from current users. Delivery was efficient. Prices are remarkable. I have already recommended this website to friends and co-workers. - Sharon G.

  • The customer service agents are very helpful, and knowledgeable about the units. I strongly recommend them to all my friends. - Marvelas E.

  • Shipping was fast and I'm also able to contact them about using the ultrasound I purchased. - Gloria B.

  • Total shopping experience great and outstanding customer service. Product delivered as promised. Will be doing future business and recommend them highly for quality products and exceptional customer service. - Raymond S.

  • They are perfect, exactly what I needed. - Lori S.

  • I purchased the MPO 5000 to replace a rental unit from another company. The MPO 5000 was much better quality. It came in a well protected storage case instead of a soft pouch that the overpriced rental unit came it. The rental unit cost was over 4 times more for each month than the MPO 5000 I purchased. I GRADE THIS UNIT EXCELLENT IN EVERY WAY. - K.C.H.

  • Everything is fine in every aspect of the transaction. I needed information about the use of the product and I received it and I received excellent service after sale. - Paul P.

  • Thank you so much for your promptness!! - Tina B.

  • Excellent service. Fast shipment. Product was what I was hunting for at a great price. - Charles M.

  • Excellent price for what turned out to be quality products. The order arrived in 2 days. They exceeded my expectations and I'll order from them again. - Stephen D.

  • Absolutely perfect transaction! I'm amazed at their service and speed of delivery. And best of all, the prices were among the best. A big shout out to Dolores (I hope I got her name right) she really took great care of me. I will be back! P.S. When I read back through this post, I sound like an employee but can assure all that this is an unbiased representation of a very satisfied customer who has shopped with them twice. - Jay P.

  • Easy ordering, fast shipping and delivery. I will order from this merchant again. - Christopher M.

  • I didn't have any surprises. This merchant did exactly what they promised to do and you can't ask for more than that. I will use them again. - Chris B.

  • It came much sooner than I expected!! I'm a happy camper!! Love the unit!! - Donald W.

  • Delivery, customer service, ease of ordering, products and equipment were everything I hoped for and more. Excellent turnaround time, and equipment was perfect. I would highly recommend this company to everyone. - Cathy L.

  • The item which I ordered has worked for me tremendously. It helps with my back pain and I have recommended it to others. - Celestine V.

  • The item which I ordered has worked for me tremendously. It helps with my back pain and I have recommended it to others. - Celestine V.

  • Just what I needed! - Al T.

  • This is a great value for a quality product. I have used this unit daily since I received it and it has performed flawlessly. Ease of set up was apparent and by reading the instructions, this unit can be ready for use in minutes. - Gary C.

  • Fastest shipping I have ever seen! T.E.N.S. unit is Very High Quality. I have paid for many hours at my doctors office, now I have many hours pain free. Thanks MPO! - Tammy T.

  • Very pleased with my shopping experience with Medical Products Online. I will recommend this website to all my friends needing this type of product. - John D.

  • I was very satisfied that the stim pads are above the rest that I have used in the past. Talk about being sticky wow they are the best ever! Time for delivery was great and on time as I ordered them for standard shipping. I would order from Medical Products Online again. - Robert C.

  • They use a TENS unit at physical therapy, so the only relief from the pain in my neck, trapezoids was 4 hours a week at PT when they would turn on the TENS!! My Physical therapist told me I could go online and buy one for home use. I immediately got on line and searched TENS units. There were quite a few to choose from. I settled on a unit and before I knew it it was at my door. It did not take me long before I found my favorite setting, when my pain level is a 9 I turn it up a hair, when my TENS unit brings the pain level down to a 4 I can turn it down. I wear it all day, every day! My TENS works better on my pain than any prescription pain killer. I'm wearing it now. One more thing, the company, they are so ready to help. At a point I thought there was something wrong with my TENS, they were ready to send me a new one, immediately, no questions....then I realized I just needed a new battery. I love my TENS and I love the company! - Michelle B.

  • A+ excellent service. - Armando D.

  • Product was exactly as specified, price was good, and shipping and delivery were ahead of schedule. Very good merchant. - Brian L.

  • I bought this product for my wife and it is great. It performs as advertised. It is light weight and produces a wide range of stimulation to the affected area to provide almost instant relief for tense back muscle spasms. I ordered it on a Sunday and as promised, it was delivered two days later and shipping was free. - Robert J.

  • Very fast service and the product is exactly what I ordered. - Rose M.

  • My physical therapist reviewed the specifications for this TENS unit. The transaction was easy and it was delivered quickly after purchase. The TENS unit works as it should. I'm happy with my purchase. - Terry V.
  • I have never purchased online before; my products arrived with excellent quality in a matter of days. Medical products that were always a challenge to find were delivered to my door! - Lynn S.

  • I'm in the medical field and this was money well spent. I had a strained muscle in my left should. After using the unit 2 times a day, I already can feel the difference. I would recommend this product for everyone. - Terry S.

  • I didn't have to use Customer Service but I feel it would have also been excellent. Site is very easy to use and find what you need, couldn't believe how quickly the merchandise arrived and I used the least expensive mode to save money! The prices were very reasonable for the things that I ordered also. I'll definitely shop again in the future. - Joyce C.

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MPO-5000 Professional 5 Mode Physical Therapy TENS Unit

List Price:$449.00
Your Price:$54.95
You Save: 88%
Usually ships the same business day
Extra 2x2 Premium Pads:
TENS Electrode Prep Spray:
Extra Long Lead Wires:
Tens Accessory Kit:

Brief Overview

  • Medical Products Online - Ultra Digital TENS System
  • Cap & Door Protect Accidental Setting Changes
  • Hard Plastic Case
  • 9-volt battery
  • Two lead wires
  • Four 2"x2" Square Cloth Premium Electrodes
  • Metal Belt Clip
  • Instruction Manual (view the PDF of this document)
  • 2 year warranty


Our Most Powerful & Advanced TENS Unit - The MPO 5000 Professional 5 Mode Physical Therapy TENS Unit.

This TENS Unit cant be beat! We have made the MPO 5000 even better. Since we introduced the original model, it has been our most popular TENS machine and reordered time after time by most of the thousands of doctors and health care professionals that we supply! When we ask them why, the answer is always the same, because the Medical Products Online 5000 Digital Tens System works great and so simple to operate that most patients can operate with little or no trouble.


This attractive TENS has many of the same features as models costing many times more. We can supply these units to you for less because we sell so many!

The MPO 5000 Professional 5 Mode Physical Therapy TENS Unit is a dual channel digital TENS device that utilizes microprocessor technology to produce the powerful output to reduce pain quickly and efficiently. This TENS machine reduces pain immediately and can keep up with the changing face of pain because of the five different pain management modes on board. When shopping for a TENS, most professionals look at power output, this unit has all the power necessary to keep on working even when the pain levels are high.

The Medical Products Online 5000 is a dual channel Digital Medical Products Online with five modes of operation. It is a battery operated TENS Unit with battery life to spare, up to 70 hours of continuous operation make this unit efficient and highly effective. This TENS device is capable of sending electrical impulses to the body to reach the nerves causing pain. The device is provided with two controllable output channels, each independent of each other. An electrode pair is connected to each output channel to transmit the electrical impulses to the area of pain.

The five operating modes include:

Burst (B)

Normal (N)

Modulation (M)

Strength Duration 1 (SD1)

Strength Duration 2 (SD2)

The Medical Products Online 5000 includes a timer so that you can easily set the treatment time. The electronics of the Medical Products Online 5000 create electrical impulses whose intensity, duration, number per second and modulation may be altered with easy to use digital controls. The cover helps keep the unit settings and prevents accidental changes in the settings.

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) is a non-invasive, drug-free method of controlling pain. TENS uses tiny electrical impulses sent through the skin to nerves to modify your pain perception. TENS does not cure any physiological problem; it only helps control the pain. Primarily used for managing chronic pain. Works by blocking the pain signal, and by increasing endorphins in the body. Can be worn all day or on an as needed basis.

Technical Details

Technical Specifications

Channels: Dual, isolated between channels.

Wave Form: Modified square wave with zero net (DC) component.

Pulse Amplitude: 0 to 100mA each channel, adjustable (500 ohm load)

Pulse Frequency: 2 to 150 Hz, adjustable. Pulse Width: 60 to 250 microseconds, adjustable.

Modulation Mode: Pulse width is automatically varied in a cyclic pattern over an interval of nominally 4.0 seconds.

Burst Mode: 7 pulses per burst, 2 bursts per second, 100Hz internal frequency of burst.

Maximum Voltage: 100 volts, open circuit. Maximum Charge: 16 Microcoulombs per pulse.

Power Source: 9 volt alkaline or rechargeable battery.

Battery Life: 70 hours average usage (alkaline) Size: 24 x 64 x 95mm Weight: 130 grams (including battery)

Instruction Manual - Click here to download a copy

Customer Reviews

Customer Product Reviews

Average rating is 4.7
  Ralph Gram
Best Products,Best Price,Great Customer Support,lifelong customer!
  Gloria F. Hinton
I am a secretary,that sits a lot and have back,neck and shoulder aches daily. This product is exceptional. I use it almost daily,to reduce my pain and allow me to relax after being at work all day. I was going to chiropractor and used theirs and decided I would like to have one at home. WONDERFUL INVESTMENT!
  Big B
Jackson Hole,WY
Excellent Value - Professional Quality - This TENS unit was more than I hoped for. It was delivered quickly and worked great! Id recommend this to anyone who needs help with pain management!
  Catherine Stevens
Toronto,ON Canada
The therapist that I go to has two of the same units. I am very pleased with the results and in fact have just ordered more pads for it.
  C. S. Scott
Jersey City,NY
I was desperate for pain relief without drugs after my knee surgery,and my physical therapist suggested a TENS unit to use at home,since we would finish our sessions at the facility with the same therapy. This unit is very compact but very powerful. Its extremely portable as well. Cant beat it for the price. I would suggest taking it to your therapist & have him/her instruct you on the proper settings. But the instructions that are included are pretty easy to follow GREAT BUY!
  Frits Albada Jelgersma
Medical Products Online provides service beyond the call,lowest prices I could find and the product itself exceeded my expatiation! This company is the model for others to attain. I will certainly be ordering more products from them as and when needed.
  Mary Beth
Hooray for your wonderful company; I purchased the tens unit 7000 and am very pleased I had an old unit that was wearing out and i also paid almost $500 and $20 for the pads. Having herniated discs in my back and having cervical fusion the tens unit has helped a lot. I also told my chiropractor and several rehab units about your products. Your service was spectacular.
  Dustin Ward
Ridley Park,PA
I have lower back pains from a car accident 3 years ago that I cant fix with out surgery. This unit brings instant relief!
  John Pearce
I was totally impressed with every aspect of my shopping experience with this vendor Medical Products Online!! No kidding! I purchased the tens machine for my father who has rheumatoid arthritis,and he gets so much relief from it. Compared to my tens machine that I paid $100.00 more for,Id rather have the one from Medical Products Online! The quality of the products were wayyyyy beyond expectation. These folks have earned my trust and lifelong business,and have made a fussy customer very,very happy!
  Mohammad Tahir Ziauddin
I am highly satisfied with the product; it has provided me relief in the knees,neck and other paining parts. I have strongly recommended it to my friends and family members and given your contact to my physiotherapist and pharmacist,who is also a retailer for medical equipment.
  Gene Henry
Great unit! Works great! The cost for both the 7000 unit and the pads were about 10% of the price quoted me by a physical therapist for his unit! I cannot recommend too highly the electrolyte conductive spray. It has doubled or tripled the life of the pads.
  Mary Beth
Hooray for your wonderful company; I purchased the tens unit 7000 and am very pleased I had an old unit that was wearing out and i also paid almost $500 and $20 for the pads. Having herniated discs in my back and having cervical fusion the tens unit has helped a lot. I also told my chiropractor and several rehab units about your products. Your service was spectacular.
Bowling Green,KY
Wonderful product! Ive pulled muscles in my back and went to the DR to use their unit. Decided to buy my own and what a product! Great relief. This company has exceptional customer service. Ordered it on a Monday and received it that Wednesday!
  Charles Henry
The TENS unit works great. I get through the work day much better now. Just so you know,my Dr had his rep set me up with a unit to bill my insurance $100.00 PER MONTH. When reality set in & insurance wouldn’t touch that,I had already seen your products. I was told I could either send their product back or buy it outright. They wanted over $400.00. I told the agent I was looking at Medical Products Online and the TENS 7000 which retailed at $49.95 and was similar (actually better) than their unit. Of course,they acted like this was unbelievable. Now that I have purchased the product I am a firm believer and would certainly let others know that your product is wonderful and is a great value.
  Dan Zinn
I have had numerous knee,back and neck injuries in the past. I have used the unit on all locations of injuries and am very satisfied with the pain relief. Excellent product,excellent price. Fast shipping. Will shop with them again.
This is an unbelievable product! I have suffered from chronic tension and migraine headaches for 32 years and have finally been pain free. No medical doctor has EVER mentioned a TENS unit. It was a chiropractor that I went to that recommended TENS.
The quickest shipping ever. This unit is fantastic. Definfitely not a toy. I especially like that the intensity and mode adjustments are protected to prevent accidental re-adjustment.
  Rebecca Ridley
Great unit works great. Very well designed for the purpose. Excellent service and a pleasure to deal with your company. I will return as a customer and I will recommend you to all who I know. Thank You Medical Products Online
  Marco Meza
Great price,and really helps my lower back pain thank you so much i will be a returning customer.