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  • We received our ultrasound and have been using it nearly every day since. We purchased it to see if we could relieve pains and help us to get moving. We are pleased with the results. When we don't have pain with every step, it is easier to get out and get the exercise that will help with overall health. Thank you! - Gene R.

  • Easy to Order and arrived very quick. - Patricia M.

  • I’ve done business with company twice; first to buy the TENS unit then to buy a replacement cable. The price is great as is the product. It does what they claim and a bit more. I bought it to work my muscles but when my back became injured, I also used it for pain suppression. I was in no hurry to get the product but when it arrived in two days, it was nice. I recommend this company. - Mark H.

  • Seller was great; I will be using them again!!! - Ed H.

  • This is a great product. It helps with the pain. Price was excellent. Did research on it, can’t beat the price. My physical therapist thought it was great and took down the website to be able to recommend to other patients. - Charlotte L.

  • I would definitely use this merchant again. - Melody W.

  • The basic TENS unit I ordered from Medical Products Online is, I think, exactly like the one a physiotherapist used for the back and neck pain I had after a car accident. It really eliminated all the pain! I am now using my own unit for pain in my feet and legs from all the walking I have to do (no transportation options). Within a week of use at less than half the power output, I am glad to say it's working like a magic charm! - Mary L.

  • Medical Products Online is a great website with plenty of options to choose from. Adequate info is provided for all of their medical devices along with reviews from current users. Delivery was efficient. Prices are remarkable. I have already recommended this website to friends and co-workers. - Sharon G.

  • The customer service agents are very helpful, and knowledgeable about the units. I strongly recommend them to all my friends. - Marvelas E.

  • Shipping was fast and I'm also able to contact them about using the ultrasound I purchased. - Gloria B.

  • Total shopping experience great and outstanding customer service. Product delivered as promised. Will be doing future business and recommend them highly for quality products and exceptional customer service. - Raymond S.

  • They are perfect, exactly what I needed. - Lori S.

  • I purchased the MPO 5000 to replace a rental unit from another company. The MPO 5000 was much better quality. It came in a well protected storage case instead of a soft pouch that the overpriced rental unit came it. The rental unit cost was over 4 times more for each month than the MPO 5000 I purchased. I GRADE THIS UNIT EXCELLENT IN EVERY WAY. - K.C.H.

  • Everything is fine in every aspect of the transaction. I needed information about the use of the product and I received it and I received excellent service after sale. - Paul P.

  • Thank you so much for your promptness!! - Tina B.

  • Excellent service. Fast shipment. Product was what I was hunting for at a great price. - Charles M.

  • Excellent price for what turned out to be quality products. The order arrived in 2 days. They exceeded my expectations and I'll order from them again. - Stephen D.

  • Absolutely perfect transaction! I'm amazed at their service and speed of delivery. And best of all, the prices were among the best. A big shout out to Dolores (I hope I got her name right) she really took great care of me. I will be back! P.S. When I read back through this post, I sound like an employee but can assure all that this is an unbiased representation of a very satisfied customer who has shopped with them twice. - Jay P.

  • Easy ordering, fast shipping and delivery. I will order from this merchant again. - Christopher M.

  • I didn't have any surprises. This merchant did exactly what they promised to do and you can't ask for more than that. I will use them again. - Chris B.

  • It came much sooner than I expected!! I'm a happy camper!! Love the unit!! - Donald W.

  • Delivery, customer service, ease of ordering, products and equipment were everything I hoped for and more. Excellent turnaround time, and equipment was perfect. I would highly recommend this company to everyone. - Cathy L.

  • The item which I ordered has worked for me tremendously. It helps with my back pain and I have recommended it to others. - Celestine V.

  • The item which I ordered has worked for me tremendously. It helps with my back pain and I have recommended it to others. - Celestine V.

  • Just what I needed! - Al T.

  • This is a great value for a quality product. I have used this unit daily since I received it and it has performed flawlessly. Ease of set up was apparent and by reading the instructions, this unit can be ready for use in minutes. - Gary C.

  • Fastest shipping I have ever seen! T.E.N.S. unit is Very High Quality. I have paid for many hours at my doctor’s office, now I have many hours pain free. Thanks MPO! - Tammy T.

  • Very pleased with my shopping experience with Medical Products Online. I will recommend this website to all my friends needing this type of product. - John D.

  • I was very satisfied that the stim pads are above the rest that I have used in the past. Talk about being sticky wow they are the best ever! Time for delivery was great and on time as I ordered them for standard shipping. I would order from Medical Products Online again. - Robert C.

  • They use a TENS unit at physical therapy, so the only relief from the pain in my neck, trapezoids was 4 hours a week at PT when they would turn on the TENS!! My Physical therapist told me I could go online and buy one for home use. I immediately got on line and searched TENS units. There were quite a few to choose from. I settled on a unit and before I knew it it was at my door. It did not take me long before I found my favorite setting, when my pain level is a 9 I turn it up a hair, when my TENS unit brings the pain level down to a 4 I can turn it down. I wear it all day, every day! My TENS works better on my pain than any prescription pain killer. I'm wearing it now. One more thing, the company, they are so ready to help. At a point I thought there was something wrong with my TENS, they were ready to send me a new one, immediately, no questions....then I realized I just needed a new battery. I love my TENS and I love the company! - Michelle B.

  • A+ excellent service. - Armando D.

  • Product was exactly as specified, price was good, and shipping and delivery were ahead of schedule. Very good merchant. - Brian L.

  • I bought this product for my wife and it is great. It performs as advertised. It is light weight and produces a wide range of stimulation to the affected area to provide almost instant relief for tense back muscle spasms. I ordered it on a Sunday and as promised, it was delivered two days later and shipping was free. - Robert J.

  • Very fast service and the product is exactly what I ordered. - Rose M.

  • My physical therapist reviewed the specifications for this TENS unit. The transaction was easy and it was delivered quickly after purchase. The TENS unit works as it should. I'm happy with my purchase. - Terry V.
  • I have never purchased online before; my products arrived with excellent quality in a matter of days. Medical products that were always a challenge to find were delivered to my door! - Lynn S.

  • I'm in the medical field and this was money well spent. I had a strained muscle in my left should. After using the unit 2 times a day, I already can feel the difference. I would recommend this product for everyone. - Terry S.

  • I didn't have to use Customer Service but I feel it would have also been excellent. Site is very easy to use and find what you need, couldn't believe how quickly the merchandise arrived and I used the least expensive mode to save money! The prices were very reasonable for the things that I ordered also. I'll definitely shop again in the future. - Joyce C.

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MPO-Micro II Advanced Microcurrent System

List Price:$349.00
Your Price:$68.00
You Save: 81%
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Extra 2x2 Premium Pads:
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Extra Long Lead Wires:
Tens Accessory Kit:

Brief Overview

  • Medical Products Online Advanced Microcurrent System
  • Timer
  • Four Electrodes
  • 9-Volt Battery
  • Hard Plastic Case
  • Instruction Manual
  • 2 year warranty


Medical Products Online Advanced Microcurrent System

The MPO Micro II is the secret weapon revealed! When something a little different is needed to manage chronic pain or increase healing and decrease healing time, Microcurrent can be a very smart choice. The Micro II is an inherently safe modality used by doctors all over the world for just this very reason. Microcurrent is generally in the pain management arsenal of leading physicians and therapist’s everywhere. If you are using a TENS, Muscle Stimulation Device, Interferential Device and or Ultrasound for the treatment and or management of Chronic or Acute Pain, most professionals agree that a Microcurrent Device should also be strongly considered to add to the beneficial effects of these other modalities.

Don’t be surprised when you try this Star Trek age technology as the Microcurrent provides little to no feeling of electrical stimulation, this is because it runs in micro-amp vs. amps. That’s one-one millionth of an amp as compared to other modalities that run in one hundredth to one thousandth of an amp.

The Patient Benefits that have been cited in the Literature include; Speeding the healing process greatly while reducing chronic and acute pain, reducing low back and neck pain, helping to heal orthopedic injuries of deep muscles, ligaments, tendons and muscles, reducing and helping to eliminate Fibromyalgia pain and muscle fatigue, reduce myofascial Pain, reduces swelling and inflammation, reduce muscle trigger points, improves soft tissue regeneration. It has even been shown to help encourage and speed the healing of both traumatic and post-surgical wounds and so much more!

Because a microcurrent flows at one millionth of an ampere it is delivered on the same scale as the current the body produces on its own in each cell, the actual mechanism is not fully understood however, theories and research show that there is a physiologic effect on the cellular level. ATP which is a cellular chemical that is responsible for energy production and cellular metabolism and respiration is increased in the presence of Microcurrent stimulation. Studies have shown that microcirculation can be enhanced with Microcurrent, which is the very essence of many chronic and debilitating diseases including Neuropathy and even Retinal degeneration of the eye. This very mechanism is theorized to be the one of the most important effects of Microcurrent electrostimulation on healing, nerve regeneration, immune function improvement and reduction of chronic pain.

Microcurrent devices can be purchased for many hundreds and even thousands of dollars! The Medical Products Online Micro II is available for a fraction of the cost of these other devices, yet can deliver many of the same biological and clinical effects of these more expensive units!

This unit comes complete with a timer built in, instruction manual, hard carrying case, 4 electrodes, two lead wires, and battery. This Microcurrent Unit is available at a "micro price" now!

You should discuss your treatment with your physician or therapist to achieve the greatest results.

What is a Microcurrent?

Microcurrent is a physical therapy modality providing electro muscle stimulation through the means of an electric current delivered in millionths of an ampere. Using the Microcurrent provides little to no feeling of electrical stimulation, this is because it runs in milli-amp vs. amps.

It has the ability to:

• Relieve Chronic Pain • Increase the rate of wound healing • Increase protein synthesis • Stimulate the regeneration of injured tissue • Stimulate lymphatic flow • Relieve myofascial trigger points

Because microcurrent flows at one millionth of an ampere it is delivered on the same scale as the current the body produces on its own in each cell, it is therefore physiologic.

Microcurrent is subsensory and cannot be felt while it is being delivered because there is not enough current to stimulate the sensory receptors.

Traditional electrotherapy units such as TENS, Interferential and Galvanic deliver current in milliamps, which a higher level of current. They can cause muscle contraction and microcurrent cannot.

Microcurrent increases Adenosine Triphosphate production by 500% (ATP). ATP is the primary molecule from which our body produces energy, and it is found in every cell of the body.

In a study done by Ngok Cheng, M.D. entitled “The Effects of Electric Current on ATP Generation, Protein Synthesis and Membrane Transport.”, it was demonstrated that ATP production increased five times with currents from 50 uA to 1000 uA. With currents exceeding 1000 uA, which is the milliamp range, ATP production leveled, and with 5000 uA ATP production was reduced slightly. Microcurrent was also shown to increase protein synthesis and amino acid transport.

Patient Benefits:

• Speed the healing process Greatly • Reduce Chronic and Acute Pain • Chronic and Acute Low Back and Neck Pain • Orthopedic Injuries • Fibromyalgia • Myofascial Pain • Tendon and Ligament repair • Reduces swelling and inflammation • Releases muscle trigger points • Improves soft tissue regeneration

A few of MANY Conditions treated with Microcurrent Therapy

• Auto-Immune issues • Endocrine System Balance • Electromagnetism Issues • Muscle Balancing Issues • Endocrine Adaptive Circuit Clearing • Spinal Adaptive Circuit Clearing

The Microcurrent releases deeply stored toxins, deep tissue massage, which also allows cells to release toxins, is used for comparison: 20 minutes of use releases as many toxins as four hours of deep tissue massage. Another positive benefit of is a re-establishment of the normal communication between the brain and the affected tissue.

Note: Placement\Location of Electrodes and Configuration of Device are critical to the SUCCESS of the Microcurrent Using the Microcurrent provides little to no feeling of electrical stimulation, this is because it runs in milli-amp vs. amps.

What are the side effects?

Electro Muscle Stimulation changes muscle tissue, softens scar tissue, and increases circulation with the effect of removing long stored waste products and increasing cellular metabolism so quickly that there is often a detoxification reaction after treatment. Some people have a similar reaction after a massage but the reaction after Microcurrent is stronger because so much is accomplished in such a short period of time. There have been no lasting adverse reactions reported. FSM has a history of being very safe.

Do the benefits last? Every patient responds individually but the changes to the tissues seem to be long lasting. About 60 to 80% of the changes created in one treatment last until the next treatment, about four to seven days. Your muscles are used to responding the way they are and may return to the old configuration if not treated again, although some patients have had permanent changes in one treatment.

What is a Microcurrent? What is it and how does it work? Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM) utilizes hundreds of frequencies within the range of .01 to 999 Hz, with varying intensities of 20 to 600 micro amps (sub sensory to nerve firing), and has been shown to be of value to many health concerns. Since no tissue biopsy studies have been performed in FSM, it is not known exactly how FSM works; however, well over 100,000 patient cases have been studied. The following is the theory of how FSM works.

Remember your high school chemistry class. Think about the explanation of the atom. At the center of the atom are the protons and neutrons. This is called the nucleus. Modern research has shown that the electrons actually vibrate back and forth in orbits around the nucleus, instead of spinning in continuous, mono-directional circles. This new understanding is the basis of our FSM theory.

Each tissue in the body has individualized frequencies. The individualized and specific vibrational characteristic of each atom, of each tissue type, varies even more specifically for varying conditions, such as: trauma, inflammation, stress, environmental influences, etc. To put the theory of vibrations in a better overall perspective: different vibrations / frequencies of sound, light, radio waves, etc., are responsible for notes of music, colors of light, and radio stations. Vibrations are specific and unique for all matter, inorganic and organic. When an injury occurs to a tissue, the electrons in the affected tissue take on a different vibrational characteristic, unique to that injury or other abnormal condition. As the vibrations of the electrons change, it is believed the electrons concurrently may also change to a different "orbit" from what was normal for that tissue type.

FSM is "frequency specific" because we match the frequencies of the tissue disruptions with the frequencies we choose for our therapy. The new vibrational characteristics that occur from damage to a tissue are countered with specific microcurrent frequencies that match the exact abnormal frequencies that are present in the damaged tissue. The desired effect is to neutralize those frequencies that are incorrect for the damaged / affected tissues.

As the wrong electron frequencies are neutralized, and the electrons return to their normal orbital vibrations, the physiological condition of the tissues will begin to normalize. The speed at which these changes occur varies with each individual. Some patients may experience a notable change immediately after treatment, or in some cases the greatest changes will not be noticed for up to 24 hours. Changes occur in steps of progression. It is unreasonable to expect a tissue that was harshly affected by trauma or other outside / environmental influences, to change drastically in one day. Most chronic conditions of long standing will usually demonstrate significant changes after the first six treatments. However this is very individualized and can vary dramatically for any patient and / or condition.

To better explain, if the electrons have been at the "wrong" frequencies for an extended period of time, after treatment the electrons may try to go back to those wrong frequencies (IE rebound) perhaps within four to seven days. Thus the net result is usually an average of six treatments for the notable changes to become long lasting. Microcurrent treatment should be repeated at appropriate intervals until the cause and effect principle becomes permanent.

Our bodies produce an electrical charge that can be scientifically measured. The amount of current or electrical charge used in FSM is approximately the same level as what the cells in our body normally produce. This amount of electrical current is far below are ability to perceive any stimulus via our "sensory nerves." Our sensory nerves are those nerves that allow us to feel anything that touches our skin, allows us to sense heat, etc. If our sensory nerves were able to react at those extremely low levels of electrical charge, we would be feeling nerve sensations all the time, instead of at the appropriate times. This difference accounts for the reason why microcurrent is "sub sensory." The electrical charge produced by microcurrent is below the level at which our sensory nerves can perceive.

A benefit of causing healthy electrical changes at the cellular level is an increase in cellular activity. This enhanced cellular activity causes a 500% increase in ATP production from the cells treated with FSM. (ATP is the "fuel" your body manufactures for use and / or storage of energy.) In addition to the dramatic increase in ATP production, enhanced cellular activity also causes an excitement by your cells to dump old stored toxins into your bloodstream; toxins that may have been accumulating over years. As the released toxins enter your bloodstream, they will eventually reach and be processed by your liver in a detoxification pathway, then dumped out of your body. Your liver has enzymes that can normally process all toxins; however such a dramatic increase in toxins all at once is like rush hour traffic on the freeway.

As the toxins become backed up, some side effects can be experienced. These include: nausea, fatigue, drowsiness, a temporary increase in pain, and a flu-like feeling. These side effects, if experienced, may occur during treatment, or may not be noticed until perhaps 90 minutes after treatment, and could last from 4 to 24 hours. Taking antioxidants and / or liver support supplementations immediately prior to treatment will help neutralize / process those toxins faster. Drinking two quarts of water in the two hours immediately following treatment will greatly help facilitate / accelerate your liver detoxification pathways.

As an example of how effective FSM is in causing cells to release deeply stored toxins, deep tissue massage, which also allows cells to release toxins, is used for comparison: 20 minutes of FSM releases as many toxins as four hours of deep tissue massage.

Another positive benefit of FSM is a re-establishment of the normal communication between the brain and the affected tissue. When a tissue has been injured or otherwise negatively affected, over a period of time the active role the brain plays in either trying to heal the tissue or acknowledging a continual cycle of pain, may be reduced, or totally eliminated. This is a similar brain-to-injured tissue mechanism that would be experienced in the following two examples.

In the event of endless pain: In a person who has experienced a traumatic emotional event, a state of amnesia may set in so the person may no longer remember that event. This is a form of physiological / psychological protection the body uses to protect the person from any further emotional trauma. On a purely physiological example of how the brain will send signals to heal an injured tissue.

The brain may become "re-awakened" to the pain in that tissue, and will once again participate in sending signals to the rest of the body to heal those old injuries. What the patient may experience in these cases is a mild increase in pain for a few days, to a few weeks. This is a positive sign that the brain is taking a more active role in the recovery process.

Setup Of The Microcurrent Therapy Device

Proper Setting: 1)Set the Timer to 40

2)Set the output setting at .03

3)When using the power dials on top never exceed number 3 if you feel the slightest touch of electrical current turn it down to 2.5, 2.0 etc till you feel NOTHING.

4)After configuring the unit in this manner download the FREE Electrode Placement Chart located on our webpage for proper placement.

These are the proper setting and use of this device.

Note: Because you can not feel anything and it can not harm but only help the body ware it as long as you can everyday. When you go to sleep ware it while sleeping it can only help your medical condition.

If you have any other question or concerns be sure to ask. Otherwise relax, drink your water and enjoy the relief you can receive from Frequency Specific Microcurrent.

Technical Details

Technical Specifications

• Dual channels

Wave Form
• Modified square DC biphasic pulses of 0.3Hz, 8Hz, and 80Hz
• Changing polarity at intervals of 3 seconds
• Polarity: Bipolar (+) and (-)

Output Voltage
• 9 volt

• .Continuous, 20, or 40 minutes.

.0.3, 8, 80Hz.

Power Source
• 9 volt alkaline or rechargeable battery
• Adjustable Amplitude Dual Channel

Setup Of The Device

Proper Setting:
1)Set the Timer to C

2)Set the output setting at .03

3)When using the power dials on top never exceed number 3 if you feel the slightest touch of electrical current turn it down to 2.5, 2.0 etc till you feel NOTHING.

4)After configuring the unit in this manner download the FREE Electrode Placement Chart located on our webpage for proper placement.

These are the proper setting and use of this device.

Note: Because you can not feel anything and it can not harm but only help the body ware it as long as you can everyday. When you go to sleep ware it while sleeping it can only help your medical condition.

Customer Reviews

Customer Product Reviews

Average rating is 5
Wake Village,TX
I work in an Alternative Medicine clinic and do a lot of typing. I had purchased a TENS unit in hopes of it relieving the constant pain in my hands and wrists. My boss,who also happens to be my doctor,recommended I get a Micro unit instead,as it repairs tissue and doesn’t just block pain. So I purchased the Micro II. I have had my unit for 3 months now and use is regularly. Much more than I ever used my TENS unit that didn’t give me much relief and now I don’t know how I ever managed without it. Wow! I’ve gone from being in intense pain nearly every day to little to no pain every day. My typing workload hasn’t diminished so it’s got to be the Micro unit. Thank you,thank you,and thank you.
  George Zacune
I am extremely satisfied with Medical Products Online,Inc. They are reliable and fast in response to my order. The MACRO II system is a wonderful unit. Not only reduce my pain but provides greater range of motion,highly recommend!
I worked for two days cleaning a large wooden deck and then applying a water-proofing cedar stain. By sunset on the second day my back was in agony and I had another full day’s work to finish. Before going to bed I decided to use the microcurrent device I bought my wife for back pain. I taped on the four electrodes so the microcurrent would pass through the affected areas as I slept,then set the devide for constant run. The next day I could not believe how well my back felt,as it normally would still have been sore and cranky. The effects of the two hard days of work had been erased. With proper electrode placement and extended (overnight) application of microcurrent therapy this device provides marvelous relief.
I purchased the microcurrent unit about 3 months ago. I have had chronic shoulder and neck pain for 5 years. After using this unit once I had relief. I am now using it on a regular basis.
  Tod Frist
New York,NY
I had almost given up ever feeling better again,but Medical Products and MITCH’s advice makes me feel hopeful and thankful. You will never know how much you have helped me. MAY GOD BLESS YOU FOREVER! I have nothing but gratitude for you and your company.
  Steven Wristwell
Hi Mitch,the reason that I had contacted you was because of the Micro II unit I had purchased. My therapist told me that this was not the unit I needed and that I should return it for a regular TENS unit. You were so kind when I spoke to you. You took the time to explain how to use the unit and placement of electrodes and stated that the microcurrent unit would work much better for my pain than a TENS unit. You were so sure that you told me to try it out,if it did not work as you stated you would refund my money and give me a free TENS at no cost. My therapist loaned me a tens unit to use,after about 3 weeks with little progress. I decided to use the microcurrent unit for the pain that I was having. The pain was so intense at night that I was taking heavy pain killers and sleeping pills to try to sleep. I started using the microcurrent unit at night for pain,and during the day at work for about 1 hour. Within a week of using the unit,I was finally able to get a whole night of sleep without the pain medication. My shoulder is now 90% better and I have finally finished with therapy,but I still use the microcurrent unit.
  John L. Polanski
Glen Cove,NY
I suffered with planatar facitis for months,hoping it would go away. I read about ultrasound as a as a fix. After review this product I decided it was worth a try with its SATISFACTION GUARANTEE! First time I used it on my heel (20 minutes) I stood up and stretched my leg the shooting pain was gone! (first time in months!) THIS DAMN THING IS AMAZING! My wife used it on her arm for tennis elbow and told me it greatly reduced her pain. You don’t feel a thing,you don’t think it’s working,was I wrong!
  Judith Hansford
Thank you Medical Products! Mitch,I was planning to email you anyway,we’ve talked on the phone,and my progress continues! I have suffered daily from chronic neck/upper back pain for 2 1/2 years,due to thoracic spine damage and a straight neck (w/ no natural curve) many days getting minimal relief even from the Percocet & oxycontin I have been prescribed. Every day by 2 or 3:00,I would wonder how I would make it to bedtime-I have 3 young children 7,6 & 4,and I work from home for our family owned/operated business. The pain was ruling my life. I have been desperate to find a way to get off the pain meds that have been getting me through,what I consider to be a ridiculous amount of medication to take on a daily basis. Mitch recommended and I received my Micro-II unit & back brace and have been wearing them as often as possible. I have already cut my pain med intake by an average of 1/3 and some days in half. I have more energy,increased range of motion in my neck,and I am smiling again! Today it is raining,which would be normally one of my worst days,today,I feel the best I have felt in 2 1/2 years no exaggeration. I have been praying for a cure for my pain,and have tried everything,including but not limited to pain meds,anxiety meds,cortisone shots,massage therapy,trigger point release therapy,physical therapy,other pain management techniques,along with the basic stretching,icing,etc. nothing has come close to giving me the relief I am now experiencing! I am trying not to get too excited,but every time I think about how great I feel,I start to cry (happy tears of course) because I feel like there is light at the end of the tunnel and my prayers have been answered. I read "The Secret" 2 months ago and set a goal to be pain med free,or at least close,by August. If you’ve read the book or seen the movie,it tells you to ask or say what you want (not what you don’t want) and not worry about how it will work out,that the laws of attraction will bring things into place and make it happen. I ended up on your website,and talked to you,and now I truly believe with your help and products I can reach my goal! Thank you so much for taking your time,on Memorial Day no less,to talk to me,instruct me on what unit would work best for me & how to use it. I think what you are doing is fantastic! The world needs more people like you! Thank you Medical Products Online for giving back to people in chronic pain. Like your motto states People First! Thanks Again
We have been very pleased with the both your Combo unit and the Microcurrent TENS device. We use the former for more immediate pain relief and the latter to also reduce inflammation and promote healing. I do not normally have any leg or hip joint issues but 2 weeks ago I did something to agitate my right knee,most likely overdoing an exercise on a strength machine at the gym (I’m a very fit senior,age 67). The knee joint became quite painful and "tight" from deep swelling,such that I was on Advil 24/7 and hobbling around. After nearly 10 days it had not improved and,in fact,was clearly worse. I anticipated treatment by an MD specializing in sports medicine or rheumatology was going to be required. I decided to try our Microcurrent unit first,24/7 on level 3,with the two electrodes moved around every 12 hours,always keeping them on opposite sides of my knee. The first day it was noticeably better (less pain,still tight),the second day markedly better in all respects (without Advil),and by the third day all the tightness and pain were gone. That was an amazingly fast turnaround and I’ll be waltzing around the dance floor again this Saturday with my bride.
  Anna Huebner
I have chronic neck pain,carpal tunnel,and back pain and decided to try the micro II because I don’t do well with pain medication. I love this machine. I have seven kids,the work never stops,so obviously i cannot. It’s great!!!! I can do whatever I need to with this unit on,well maybe not shower. I am taking less medication and have better relief. I can turn my head to see in my blind spot while driving. I love this product so much that I’m buying one for my mother for her birthday,she has chronic back and shoulder pain. This is the best pain relief I’ve ever had.