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MPO IF-4000 Ultra Interferential System with Russan Stimulation

MPO IF-4000 Ultra Interferential System with Russan StimulationMPO IF-4000 Ultra Interferential System with Russan Stimulation
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Brief Overview

  • Medical Products Online Ultra Interferential System with Russian Stimulation
  • Hard Cover Carrying case
  • Cap Covers Protect Accidental Setting Changes
  • Lead wires
  • 4 Multi-stick Electrodes
  • 9-volt battery
  • AC adaptor
  • Instruction Manual
  • 2 year warranty
The Medical Products Online 2500 Ultra Interferential with Russian Stimulation System is an advanced portable interferential unit technology that enables us to bring the much appreciated interferential modality home to patients worldwide. The availability to utilize this interferential tens device in the home setting will enable patients to obtain more frequent and less costly treatments and generally make the use of interferential more effective. Interferential therapy has increased in popularity over the past 10 years and is now the most widely used form of electrotherapy in the United States. When utilized properly under Doctor’s supervision, interferential treatment can be used to help reduce the pain from painful hernia surgery, gallbladder surgery, neuro surgery, orthopedic surgery, hip joint repair, ACL and carpal tunnel repair as well as gynecological and laparotomy procedures. The MPO2500 Ultra Interferential System with Russian Stimulation therapy has been a favorite of pain management specialist and physical therapist for years. This interferential treatment can be used to help joint mobilization, sports injuries, fracture, arthrotomy, hammer toe and bunionectomy as well as thoracic, low back and neck pain.

Remember that interferential therapy that is produced by this two mode two channel device has adjustable pulse rate and allows for two channels at a frequency of approximately 4000 Hz to create a third interferential current of approximately 80 Hz that has a very high penetrability that is effective in reducing joint adhesions, reducing muscle spasm and increasing painless range of motion and decreasing pain overall.

Your Medical Products Online Ultra Interferential System with Russian Stimulation comes with everything which you need to get started. The IF4000 Ultra Interferential System is packaged in a hard shell plastic locking case and AC adapter, durable lead wires, a package of re-sealable multiuse self sticking electrodes, a 9V battery and a comprehensive instruction manual.


Conventional TENS and Muscle stimulators deliver most of the stimulation directly under the electrodes. Thus, with Interferential Stimulators, current perfuses to greater depths and over a larger volume of tissue than other forms of electrical therapy.

When current is applied to the skin, capacitive skin resistance decreases as pulse frequency increases. For example, at a frequency of 4,000 Hz (Interferential unit) capacitive skin resistance is eighty (80) times lower than with a frequency of 50 Hz (in the TENS range). Thus, Interferential current crosses the skin with greater ease and with less stimulation of cutaneous nociceptors allowing greater patient comfort during electrical stimulation.

In addition, because medium-frequency (Interferential) current is tolerated better by the skin, the dosage can be increased, thus improving the ability of the Interferential current to permeate tissues and allowing easier access to deep structures.

Will an Interferential device work for me? Interferential Therapy has been used extensively for managing post-surgical, post-traumatic acute pain, edema and inflammation reduction. It has been used successfully for a wide variety of chronic pain and procedures such as:

General Surgery

• Hernia Repair

• Gall Bladder

Neurosurgery / Orthopedic

• Back / Neck Surgery

• Hip/Joint Repair

• ACL Repair

• Carpal Tunnel

Obstetrics / Gynecology

• Gynecologic

• Laparotomy

• Cesarean Section


• Hip Replacement

• Arthrotomy

• Fractures

• Sports Injuries

• Joint Mobilization


• Hammer Toes

• Bunionectomy

Tarsal Tunnel

• Thoracic

• Thoracotomy


• Nephrectomy

• Prostatectomy

What Is Interferential Therapy?

Interferential therapy, during the past ten years, has increased in popularity to the point that it is now perhaps the most widely used form of electrotherapy in the United States.

First developed in Europe, where this unique form of stimulation has been utilized for numerous indications, interferential units have been marketed since the early 1950's.

It seems, however, that a great deal of confusion, mystery and perhaps even misinformation still exists concerning this therapy.

The purpose of this article is to shed some light on areas that may be confusing to the clinician, share information on proper treatment protocols and offer a few insights into treating patients with interferential therapy effectively and safely.


While frequency ranges vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, basic therapy ranges are fairly consistent. Frequencies which vary from approximately 80Hz to 120Hz are considered most effective for acute pain while lower frequencies of perhaps 3Hz to 5Hz or 2Hz to 10Hz are preferred for the treatment of chronic pain. Some units feature a nerve block setting where both channels produce an output of 4000Hz to create an interferential nerve block to quickly block out acute pain. Most clinicians prefer a setting of 1 Hz to 15Hz for treating acute edema.


When treating acute pain with the 80Hz to 120Hz setting, interferential therapy will provide a release of enkephalin with a treatment time of 10 to 12 minutes. Chronic pain, however, requires 15 to 20 minutes of the 3Hz to 15Hz setting to provide release of beta-endorphins. Nerve block techniques, 4000Hz, normally require 10 minutes or more depending upon the size of the area being treated.


Interferential therapy provides a comfortable, soothing stimulation and should never be strong enough to cause any discomfort to the patient. Higher intensities should not be considered "better" as far as obtaining results. It is important to note that once the patients comfort level is established at the onset of therapy, the intensity should not be increased during the treatment. This could cause over stimulation of the tissue and even minor burns, particularly when treating with a unit that produces "true interferential" due to the Widensky inhibition effect.


This procedure is utilized for muscle strength and rehabilitation and is an added feature of interferential units. Space does not permit adequate explanation of this technique at this time; however, Russian Stimulation may be the topic of a future article.


Interferential therapy is considered a very safe modality when used properly for appropriate conditions. Most manufacturers list similar contraindications and precautions, most of which are the same as other electrotherapy devices. It is always recommended that the clinician review each manufacturer s warnings prior to treatment with any device.

Interferential Stimulator Devices Are Non-addictive!

• Carrier Frequency: 4000Hz., fixed

• Interference Frequency: 4000 Hz

• Difference Frequency: 1-150 Hz., adjustable

• Output Voltage: 0-16 volts (through 500 ohms)


• Symmetric

• Biphasic square

• Pulse Width

• 125 Microseconds for each phase

Four Frequency Shift

• Continuous

• 1/1 abrupt

• 8/8 abrupt

• 10/10 ramped

Interferential electrical stimulation's is a unique way of effectively delivering therapeutic frequencies to tissue. Conventional TENS and Muscle stimulators use discrete electrical pulses delivered at MUCH lower frequencies of 2-160 Hz per second.

However, Interferential stimulators use a fixed carrier frequency of 4,000 Hz per second and also a second adjustable frequency of 4,001-4,400 Hz per second.

When the fixed and adjustable frequencies combine (heterodyne), they produce the desired signal frequency (Interference frequency).

Interferential stimulation is concentrated at the point of intersection between the electrodes. This concentration occurs deep in the tissues as well as at the surface of the skin.

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West Des Moines,IA
Excellent System! Comes with everything you need to use it right away. Lowest price available online,fast shipping,I’m very happy and when using it pain free!!
  Dave Knighton
Highland Village,TX
I just want to drop you a note on how pleased I am with this product and your service.I have had chronic back and neck pain for years. I already had a small electro muscle stim unit,but it wasn’t anything like the MPO 4000. This unit really works well and your free shipping was awesome. I got it in three days.Thank you again,and I will be buying from you again and I’ll send all my friends and family to you.