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INTENSITY Twin Stim III - Digital Tens and Muscle Stimulator

INTENSITY Twin Stim III - Digital Tens and Muscle StimulatorINTENSITY Twin Stim III - Digital Tens and Muscle StimulatorINTENSITY Twin Stim III - Digital Tens and Muscle Stimulator
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Extra 2x2 Premium Pads:
TENS Electrode Prep Spray:
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Brief Overview

  • InTENSity™ Twin Stim® III TENS and EMS
  • Lead Wires
  • Four Self-Stick Hypoallergenic Disposable Electrodes
  • AC Adapter
  • Hard Plastic Case
  • 9-volt alkaline battery
  • Instruction Manual
  • 2 year warranty

InTENSity Twin Stim III Digital TENS and Muscle Stimulator is the next generation combination TENS Unit and Muscle Stimulator in the InTENSity line of powerful, durable and professional TENS and muscle stimulator systems.

This beautiful digital combination TENS and EMS device has four modes of TENS including the burst mode, normal mode, modulation 1 and modulation 2. This array of TENS modes cover all the bases when it comes to reducing pain and increasing endorphin production to help with lasting relief. The electromuscle stimulation side of the Twin Stim III boasts three modes of very stable muscle stimulation including synchronous, asynchronous and delay modes. The unique electronic circuitry makes this one of the most comfortable electrotherapeutic modality systems known today. The muscle stimulation unit is primarily used for muscle spasm control and preventing disuse atrophy or muscle wasting. The wider pulse width allows this device to elicit strong muscle contractions allowing for increased blood circulation and reduced edema on a regular basis.


The InTENSity™ Twin Stim III combines TENS and EMS therapy in one beautiful digital device. The Twin Stim® III comes standard with an AC Adapter and is easy to operate.

The ability to adjust the pulse rate, the pulse width, the amplitude and electronic ramp makes this unit one of the most comfortable electrostimulation units available in portable format on the market today. The medical products online InTENSity Twin Stim III TENS Unit and Muscle Stimulator System comes with everything which you need to get started including a durable, secure, locking plastic case as well as a comprehensive instruction manual, the InTENSity Twin Stim III TENS-Muscle Stimulator Combination Unit, durable lead wires and a durable alkaline 9V battery for hours and hours of trouble free use.
Wave Form:
∙ TENS - Monophasic Square
∙ EMS - Biphasic/monophase square wave pulse

Pulse Rate:
∙ TENS - 1-150 HZ
∙ EMS - 1-150 Hz

Pulse Width:
∙ TENS - 50-300us
∙ EMS - 50-300us

Output Voltage:
∙ TENS - Constant Current
∙ EMS - Constant Current

∙ TENS - 0-105mA
∙ EMS - 0-105mA

∙ TENS – 4
∙ EMS – 3

∙ TENS - 1-60, Constant
∙ EMS - 1-60, Constant

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