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Highly Conductive TENS Electrode (8oz) Spray

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Brief Overview

  • One 8 oz. Bottle of Highly Conductive TENS Electrode Spray
Medical Products Online 8 oz Highly Conductive TENS Electrode Spray is a scientifically formulated electrolyte solution that enhances the conductivity of reusable TENS Electrodes. This conductive TENS Electrode Spray works as an electrolyte companion and is used with both rubberized carbon electrodes and reusable multi stick gel electrodes. This spray also enhances and extends the life of multi stick reusable electrodes.

MPO’s Highly Conductive TENS Electrodes Spray works hand in hand with all of our high quality multi-stick American gel electrodes. Electrode conductivity is one of the most important features of the transfer of healing and pain reducing electrical impulses produced by Medical Products Online TENS units, muscle stimulation units, and combination or Combo Units. Think of electrotherapeutic current delivery to nerve tissue and muscle tissue as a chain of events. The muscle stimulation or TENS unit creates the current and delivers the current via the electrical wire leads to the TENS Electrode. The Electrode delivers the healing and pain-relieving stimulating current by direct contact with the skin. If any component of this chain is not optimal, then the healing and pain relieving current will not be delivered to the skin. MPO highly conductive electrode spray provides additional ionic support to help transfer the healing and pain-relieving current to the skin. Medical Products Online highly conductive electrode spray is carefully and scientifically formulated to provide this current delivery support system and to reduce the skin irritation and provide a great user experience.

Ideal for use with:

• Conductive Garment

• Rubber non-adhesive electrodes

• Re-hydrate self adhesive electrodes

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