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Conductive Garment And Braces

Applications Of Conductive Garments and Braces

Many Doctors and Physical Therapistís agree that Conductive Garments and Braces are the best way to deliver precise Tens Stimulation Ďon the goí.

Garments and Braces make it easy to place electrode in just the right treatment area and hold them securely in place during TENS treatments while at home, work and during most activities. Garments and Braces are also used widely at many doctor and physical therapy offices.

A Conductive Garment or Brace is often the best way to keep electrodes or conductive fabrics precisely and comfortably positions on the treatment area. Garments and Braces are reusable and work consistently time after time without compromise. Garments and Braces provide multiple benefits, including: Electrotherapy with precise electrode placement, Compression and Support to the area of treatment.

Conductive Garments and Braces make it very easy for the patient to fasten several electrodes at one time to the area of treatment. This helps you place electrodes in hard to reach areas of the body such as the neck and back.

Some designs also allow you to change the electrode positioning, letting you choose precisely where to place the electrodes and keep them in place securely.

These garments are designed with Velcro attachments, so they can be securely attached without the need for messy tapes and sticky adhesives. The adjustable Velcro attachments also allows the garment to gently compress and support the body part as well as keep the electrode in place and allow you to move about with confidence while the portable TENS Unit is in use.

Instead of utilizing electrodes, some of our Conductive Garments and Braces are utilize a unique material consisting of conductive silver mesh and can be used to stimulate large or multiple areas. The use of conductive material may reduce potential skin irritation sometimes found with the use of conventional self sticking electrodes. Patients can be treated with Electrode Conductive Clothing at the clinic, home, or work.

We have several garments to choose from. Please consult with your medical provider to select the Conductive Garment or Conductive Brace that is right for you.