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MPO Wireless 10 Mode Combo TENS and EMS System
Tens Unit MPO-2800 Basic TENS System
Tens Unit MPO-3000 Advanced TENS System
MPO-8500 Four Channel Digital TENS and Muscle Stimulator System
MPO-4000 Professional Digital Tens System
MPO-5000 Professional 5 Mode Physical Therapy TENS Unit
MPO-5500 Professional Physical Therapy Muscle Stimulator
MPO-6000 Professional Physical Therapy TENS &  Muscle Stimulator System
TENS Accessory Kit - 17 items -  everything you need!
MPO-7000 Ultra Digital TENS System
MPO-7500 Ultra Digital Muscle Stimulator System
MPO-8000 - Combo Professional Digital TENS & Muscle Stimulator
BioFreeze Products
MPO-6100 Elite Digital TENS Unit
MPO-6200 Elite Digital EMS Unit
MPO-6300 Elite Digital TENS and EMS Unit
DPL Nve Handheld Light Therapy Pain Relief and Skin Care System
DPL Therapy System - Light Therapy Pain Relief and Skin Care System
International Professional Home Ultrasound System
MPO US Pro 2000 Ultrasound Unit
InTENSity 5000 Hybrid Digital and Analog Tens Unit
INTENSITY Twin Stim III - Digital Tens and Muscle Stimulator
INTENSITY Select Combo Digital Tens-EMS-Interferential-Microcurrent
INTENSITY 10 Digital Tens Unit - 10 Pre-Set TENS Programs
INTENSITY Micro Combo Digital Tens-Microcurrent
INTENSITY IF Combo - Digital TENS and Interferential
MPO IF-4000 Ultra Interferential System with Russan Stimulation
MPO-Micro II Advanced Microcurrent System
MPO UltraTENS - Combination Ultrasound and TENS Unit!
Medical Products Online 2"X 2" Carbon Electrodes
EXTRA LONG Tens Unit Lead Wires
Medical Products Online 2x 2 Square Cloth Premium Silver Electrodes
Medical Products Online 2"x3.5" Rectangle Carbon Electrodes
Nine Volt NiCD Dual Battery Charger - TWO 9V Rechargeable Batteries
TENS Lotion with Vitamin E & Aloe
Highly Conductive TENS Electrode (8oz) Spray
Ultrasound Gel (8 oz) High Quality, Hypoallergenic, Non-irritating
Free Physical Therapy
Shoulder Sleeve Hot & Cold Therapy
Lower Back Hot & Cold Therapy

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Medical Products Online provides its customers with high quality products, on-going support programs and educational materials. Our Products include TENS Units, Home Ultrasound Units, Muscle Stimulators, TENS Pads and TENS Electrodes, Biofreeze, and many other products, services and educational materials.

Our high quality products provide you with pain control at your fingertips, empowering you to reduce your reliance on medications and improve your quality of life. Our products are available to patients and pain management professionals.

Medical Products Online strongly believes in professionalism at every level and in every way. Our promise is to deliver our customers and visitors with truly cutting edge information and pain management electrotherapy products that are effective and easy to use. Tens, Electromuscle Stimulation, Interferential Electrostimulation Therapy, Ultrasound Therapy, Hot and Cold Therapy, Light Therapy from LED Devices, Electrodes and so much more; all of our products are designed and created to be the best and most cost effective pain reducing products available anywhere.

We offer our high quality products, support, services and educational materials on a global basis with discounts that exceed 80% of retail pricing. Discounts offered do not include FREE Ground Shipping on orders that exceed $100.00 in the Continental United States.

Medical Products Online Makes Healthcare Affordable To Everyone!

Medical Products Online

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